Meet The Team

  • Entry Level Marketing Jobs

    Alexander Jaswinski - Owner

  • Entry Level Development

    • Michael Rappa

    Account Manager

    Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Michael’s major life decision to move to the Tampa, Florida area has been worth it. By helping build the Ascendance office and team, Michael has reiterated to himself that this competitive industry is where he belongs. Michael developed his competitive nature by being involved with track & field, and other sports, all his life. Long-term goals for Michael include to be able to provide for his family, travel and experience the world, and maximize his potential. He loves to stay active by exploring the outdoors and playing airsoft, which he is quite skilled at.

    Michael values being his true self and being surrounded by others who are their true selves, and that is why Ascendance offers a sense of belonging for him. Michael also values competitiveness, passion, and commitment. A quote by Dale Carnegie that has had a significant impact on Michael is, “Develop success from failures. Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success.”

  • Entry Level Development

    • Margarita Cordero

    Account Manager

    Born in Puerto Rico and raised in New York, Margarita has had an impressive and successful career in the healthcare industry. After a few years of traveling with her previous healthcare position, Margarita decided to settle in Florida and look for something new. When Ascendance recruited her, Margarita jumped at the chance to grow and develop herself and to see where her talents can take her. She is always eager to learn, and with the opportunity to be trained in all aspects of the business, she plans to accomplish her goal of managing her own marketing firm in the near future. A motto Margarita lives by is “Product knowledge is power” because she finds that in this business, her most powerful tool is knowledge. 

    In her spare time, Margarita enjoys music, dancing, and reading non-fiction books. She hopes to one day open her own business where she makes and sells homemade healthy dog treats. Margarita also has a passion for sociology and psychology, which she finds has contributed to the success she has already accomplished in her career, and will continue to support. Her core values are honesty, motivation, integrity, and life & health.

  • Entry Level Development

    • Thalia Ramirez-Mojena

    Account Manager

    Thalia moved from Cuba to Florida with her dad in 2017. She is an incredibly smart young professional who continues to move through life with a student mindset. She is currently earning a Bachelor’s degree in Health Service Administration from Keiser University. Thalia’s goals are to become the CEO of her own medical organization and found a nonprofit organization to provide medical equipment for the people of Cuba. She is looking to build her team at Ascendance and continue to excel in her current role.

    Thalia values respect, ambition, and honesty. Her motto is, “Winning is not an option; it is the only way.” In her free time, Thalia enjoys theater, cooking, and making ceramics.

  • Entry Level Development

    • Sofia Poulos

    Human Resources Director

    Sofia joined the Ascendance team after earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Communication & Media Studies. With heavy collegiate leadership roles in various organizations, Sofia felt this opportunity with Ascendance best aligned with her passion for positively impacting, developing, and growing an organization. She finds joy in building relationships with others and helping them recognize their full potential. What stood out to her in this company is the positive work environment and inclusive culture that integrated her so seamlessly.

    Sofia’s love for learning is boundless, so she hopes to eventually return to school and earn a Master’s degree in the communications field. Future goals for Sofia include to help Ascendance Group, Inc. continue to grow and succeed as a leading marketing consultant firm, and to open her own Public Relations consulting firm.

    A quote that has profoundly impacted Sofia and the way she views the world and approaches situations is, “The most important thing about communication is hearing what isn’t said,” by Peter Drucker. Her core values are respect, dependability, and optimism. In her free time, she enjoys photography, tennis, watching sunsets, reading social psychology books, and exploring new places.